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About 1919gogo blog

Welcome to 1919gogo blog.

My name is Fei Niao 36 years old Japanese guy. I love Japanese Voyeur Porn very much! Especially upskirt lol I'm glad if my blog helps English people to enjoy Japanese porn.

In this blog I introduce you Japanese voyeur video's comment in English.
1919gogo is my favorite porn paysite .It shows overwhelming strength of Japanese voyeur porn collection. We can get at least 1000 vids for 35eur/month.

But 1919gogo is written in Japanese. I think you need translation to enjoy. It may help you to visit 1919gogo.
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How to Join

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Click button


Select the Plan

Select the plan. You can choose VIP or Normal member. Brown area is for VIP, Green area is for Normal member. You should join Normal member if it is first time to join this site. You can choose payment from credit card or CLIPS the web money. Click upper button to use credit card. Downer button to use CLIPS-EUR. You also have to select How-long-to-join.


Input Credit Card Form

If you use credit card for payment, you have to input information below.

  1. 1,you can see the course you select.
  2. Select the card brand.
  3. Input user ID and PASSWORD as you like.
  4. Click to Submit.


Input CLIPS Form

If you use CLIPS-EUR for payment, you have to fill the form below.

  1. You can see the course you selected.
  2. Input user-ID and PASSWORD as you like.
  3. Input e-mail address
  4. Click to submit.


After payment, you can download videos.

Check the member ID

You can see your member-ID is shown TOP-LEFT area. If you cannot see your member ID, click the LOGIN button and input member-id and password.


How to download videos

Select the videos that you want to download

  1. Search from menu
  2. Search for Keywords
  3. Search from categories
  4. Search from ranking
  5. Search from banner
  6. Search from sample videos
  7. Search from the list


You can select the size of videos when you download them. Select the size and down load video


Whatch the video

Click the file you have downloaded. Soon Windows media player will run, and you can watch the video! Enjoy!

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Fei Niao

Author:Fei Niao
Welcome to 1919gogo blog. I introduce you Voyeur vids of Upskirt, Toilet and Car sex from 1919gogo.

Uncut and Full vids
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